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Importing Spirits

The description of Spirits covers a real variety of drinks, such as: Brandy, Gin, Whiskey/Whisky, Scotch, Rum, Tequila, Vodka etc. The list goes on.

If you are looking to import any type of Spirits into the UK, then one or more of the following could apply to you:

  • Duty-Paid Stamps

Are you aware that some Spirits require duty-paid stamps to be affixed to each bottle prior to resale in the UK? For further information on this, please click here to visit our page dedicated to the subject of Duty-Paid stamps

  • Is it Whiskey or is it Whisky? Why is there a different spelling?

When it is produced in Scotland, it is Whisky without the ‘e’. For everywhere else, such as Ireland or the USA, it is spelt with the ‘e’: Whiskey.

  • Tequila

As a protected product, Tequila in the truest sense can only be called Tequila if it is produced in certain regions of Mexico.

If you are importing a product called Tequila from anywhere else, then it is likely to be checked by UK Customs to find out where it was produced to ensure that ‘fake’ products are stopped from entering the Country.

If you need assistance with importing alcohol, then please Contact our Imports Team for more information on this and to get a calculation for the excise duty due.

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