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Importing Wine

Red, White or Rose, or even Blue now. Still or sparkling. Champagne. The different types of wine available is endless.

  • Sparkling or Still?

What determines the classification of Wine, as to whether it is Sparkling or Still? The answer is relatively simple. The Stopper type.

We could get all technical and say that it depends if the pressure is greater or less than 3-bar but UK Customs would probably determine the classification by initially looking at the stopper.

If your wine bottle(s) have a mushroom-shaped stopper and fastened in place, then your wine will be classed as Sparkling. Contact our Imports Team for more information on this and to get a calculation for the excise duty due.

  • Further Information

For further information on the subject of ‘Wine’, then please read the following Public Notice from UK Customs:

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